Press Release


It is with disappointment that our application for a 4am licence was refused by West Dunbartonshire licensing board.


Our application was driven by the unfair playing field that was created by the board back in March when they awarded a full 4am licence to Cheers Nightclub in Dumbarton.  Paul Smith who is chair of the council’s licensing forum also owns Cheers advocated that the extra hour would enable customers to disperse over a longer period.


The arguments put forward by Paul Smith are valid for all nightclubs, but it seems the same laws or policy doesn’t apply in Clydebank or Alexandria.


So it is the ruling of West Dunbartonshire’s Licensing Board that the night time economy of Alexandria and Clydebank is to be at a disadvantage to that of Dumbarton.


The night time economy is in terminal decline and requires urgent assistance otherwise jobs will go and not be replaced.  If this happens it will mean that the consumers of these areas will be forced to travel even further a field for entertainment.